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Gelatinus Cube
Lister's Enlightenment Page

Welcome to the greatest page of the greatest web site ever. Here you can learn about how to become an enlightened radical honkey like Lister. It was I that named that vile creature known as Adam "Pretty Boy", proof of my enlightenment. I also led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, unless it was Moses, in which case, forget I said that. You can become this awesome too in 379.2 easy steps. I have recently become motivated to write one step out at times that I feel like it until I become bored of this. I'll keep a couple of the pictures 'cos they remind me of the old country. I have realized this page is much more awesome than I had previously thought it to be, as I have noticed that there are advertisements for breakfast cereals at the top of the screen.
STEP ONE: Watch the movie Zoolander approximately 12908510975 times. Or just watch it once or twice. It's pretty cool. You should get it, unless you're Pretty Boy who should try to choke on his breakfast cereal every day 'cos all the cool kids are doing it.
STEP TWO: Look both ways before crossing the street. Unless you're Pretty Boy, in which case you should stand in the middle of the highway blindfolded.
STEP THREE:  Go to G-cube shows as often as possible, unless of course you're Pretty Boy, who should volunteer to be a human sacrifice.  
STEP FOUR:   Try not to offend police officers, because you might get thrown in the slammer or pulverized or some such undesirable experience, with the exception of Pretty Boy, who is encouraged to send threatening letters to the White House. (Don't worry, they'll understand it's a joke)

Pappy Drewit is your best friend!


Don't forget to wipe!!!

"G-cube is the music of a new generation."- Jimmy Page