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Gelatinus Cube
Johnny's Daily Life Story

October 3rd, 2003
Today was the thirty fifth worst day of my life. I was rejected by the woman i care for, I was elected class president, and i had to hang out with ugly chicks for 324234 hours. It was "agricultural". I got angry at this and threw an elderly woman out the window of a 30 year old department store. This made me angrier than a wet hen. Why was the hen wet? Why is it angry? Why does the evervescing grandma frown upon grun dale? All these questions will be answered someitme

September 27, 2003
Today I woke up around 7:30 a.m. to go to the J.V. game of Mentor High football, were i place 3rd String. Obviously the coach hasnt realized my true "potential" yet but thats a-okay. I left that place around the hour of noon and headed home to be congratulated about how well the "team" did. Then my parents decided to force me into the obligatory act of getting my hair "trimmed". This was a great offense to my stature, so sadly went to the barber. She gave me a trim alright. As a matter of fact I am now 30% less moronic looking. This caused me to go into a agrivated rage and destroy -32% of the barber shop, and create -90% of it brand new.I returned home to ask myself: how am I going to get a homecoming date with out my amazingly long hair? better yet: How am I going to get a homecoming date? This was to my utter inconvience, considering homecoming is about one week away. Damn those infidels.I then went to band practice. That made me slightly less ramblozitiad and I didnt go "postal". Now I must converse on the subject of the girl of whom i want to go to homecoming with. She is very nice and a buetiful girl. Unfortunatley I am a schizofrenic with a lazy eye. This does not make me happy, for I am completly unappealing, unless suddenly having a lazy becomes "hip" just like being square did. Oh well. Maybe Ill just not go.

"What delightful songs those boys sing" - Mother Goose